Critical role of biobanks in COVID-19 pandemic

Yadav, Birendra Kumar; Bihari, Chhagan


The collection of infectious biosamples is critically important for developing a better understanding of the disease pathogenesis and health. These precious samples are stored in biobanks. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the recently discovered novel coronavirus named SARS-COV-2. Currently, specific drugs and vaccines are not available against this virus. Limited knowledge about the pathogenesis mechanism is a critical gap in developing intervention options. Access of COVID-19 biosamples for research could provide more insight into the disease. The Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR) designated National Liver Disease Biobank (NLDB) as one of the dedicated facility for the collection and storage of COVID-19 biosamples for research purposes. Samples are collected, processed, and stored with proper security at NLDB.



covid-19; biobanking; national biobank;

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