Low digestible starch and food industry: A changing paradigm

Rahaman, Sohel ; Singh, Archana ; Praveen, Shelly ; Krishnan, Veda


Globally, starch based foods including staples are consumed most as they contribute maximum towards the daily per capita energy. While the carbaholic nature resulting high post prandial glycemic response has led to a starch dilemma and innovative low glycemic profile grains as well as products are thus the need of the hour. The presence of two nutritional fractions – slowly digestible starch (SDS) and resistant starch (RS) which endorse the low glycemic potency is thus supplemented in food industry for developing low glycemic food prototypes. The unique characteristic of RS like bland flavour, white colour, low water holding capacity along with its prebiotic potential has made them a valuable component in functional foods. Many strategies are currently applied to increase the proportion of SDS and RS including physical, chemical, enzymatic as well as their combinations. Thus, considering the changing paradigm, the aim of this review is to understand the basic concepts of starch digestibility, inherent factors affecting digestibility, applications in food industry, current strategies, commercial counterparts as well as existing dietary regulations.


Dietary regulation; Glycemic response; Starch dilemma

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