Isolation, screening and identification of amylase and catalase producing bacterial strains from marine sediments

P, Mahima ; R, Amridha ; V, Priya Senan


Marine sediments are valuable source of industrially useful enzymes. Here, we attempted isolation, screening and identification of bacterial strains from marine sediments which produce industrially important enzymes amylase and catalase. Marine sediment samples were collected and cultured on zobell marine agar medium. After incubation, the isolates that showed amylase and catalase activity were selected for the assay. The strains AM01 and Ca07 showed the highest amylase and catalase activity, respectively. The selected strains were further sequenced for identification. Morphological studies indicated that the isolates were Gram -ve, rod shaped and non-motile organism. The phenotypic characterization and 16S rRNA of the strains AM01 and Ca07 revealed them to be Klebsiella pneumoniae and K. quasipneumoniae, respectively


Klebsiella spp.; Pour Plate method

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