Time course evaluation of provitamin A carotenoids stored under different storage regimens in maize

Kaur, Harmanjot ; Das, Abhijit Kumar; Sethi, Mehak ; Choudhary, Mukesh ; Rakshit, Sujay ; Chaudhary, Dharam Paul


Yellow maize is natural source of provitamin A components. However, the provitamin A carotenoids are known to degrade fast as a result of oxidation and isomerization due to exposure to heat and oxygen during storage. Keeping this in view, here, we evaluated the provitamin A carotenoids in maize stored under different storage conditions. For this purpose, F2 grains of six hybrids consisting of two provitamin A rich, two QPM and two normal maize were stored in earthen pot, aluminium box, cotton cloth and jute bag for a period of 6 months under ambient temperature and carotenoid components were estimated at monthly interval. Provitamin A components are found to reduce significantly within two to six months under various storage conditions. However, the samples stored in aluminium box exhibited least degradation of β-carotene (73%) and β-cryptoxanthin (81%), whereas those stored in earthen pot exhibited highest degradation of β-carotene (86%) and β-cryptoxanthin (90%), after six months of storage. The provitamin A rich hybrids especially APH27 retained highest concentration of provitamin A carotenoids after six months of storage. The least losses observed in the samples stored in aluminium box may be attributed to reduced oxidation and least light penetration.


β-Carotene, β-Cryptoxanthin, Micronutrient malnutrition, Storage conditions, Yellow maize, Zea mays

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