Impact of interaction between chronic variable stress and moderate intensity physical exercise on antibody production in Wistar rats

Fernandes, Eduardo Vignoto; Carmona, Lucas Franco; Ferreira, Mariana C.B.; Machado, Fabiana A.; Balarin, Mara R.S.; Ramos, Solange de Paula; Estanislau, Celio ; Venancio, Emerson José


Stress in its chronic form has been an important factor in the onset of depression. In addition, it can lead to immunosuppression. On the other hand, physical exercise has a protective action on the immune system and reduces the signs and symptoms of stress. Studies on the effects of chronic variable stress (CVS) and moderate intensity physical exercise (MIPE) on humoral immunity are scarce. Thus, in this study, we investigated the interaction between the effects of CVS and MIPE on antibody production. Wistar rats were divided into four groups: control (C); physical exercise (P); stress (S); and physical exercise and stress (PS). The P and PS groups were trained in MIPE for six weeks. From the fourth week of the study, concomitant with the MIPE, the S and PS groups were subjected to CVS. To evaluate the production of antibodies, all groups were immunized. Regarding antibody production, it was observed that females in the C and S groups presented higher IgM antibody production in relation to males. Furthermore, the production of IgM was potentiated in males of the PS group. On the other hand, no significant differences were observed in relation to the production of IgG1 and IgG2a. We conclude that CVS prevented the increase in IgM production in male rats and MIPE was effective in reversing the effects of stress on the production of IgM in male rats. On the other hand, the production of IgG1 and IgG2a was not affected by MIPE or CVS.


Behaviour, Exercise, Chronic variable stress (CVS), Humoral immunity, MIPE, Sex differences

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