Evaluation of sodium nitroprusside (NO donor) as pulsing solution in improving post harvest quality of gladiolus spikes

Mittal, Isha ; Jhanji, Shalini


Gladiolus is an important commercial cut flower of emerging floriculture industry. The prime concern in commercialization is postharvest management of flowers as flowers are biological systems that perish after harvest. Among different chemicals used to improve vase life of gladiolus, nitric oxide has emerged as potent signaling molecule that can delay senescence and improve post harvest life of flowers. Here, we studied the potential of sodium nitroprusside (SNP) as pulsing solution on post harvest quality of gladiolus. Spikes of gladiolus were harvested at tight bud stage and pulsed for
20 h with SNP solutions of different concentrations and various physiological parameters were recorded to evaluate the keeping quality. The pulsing solution of SNP @200 mg L-1 with sucrose and aluminium sulphate significantly improved the vase life whereas pulsing with SNP @400 mg L-1 adversely affected the quality parameters. Spikes pulsed with SNP @200 mg L-1 supplemented with sucrose and aluminium sulphate had higher membrane stability index, relative water content, sugar content, protein content antioxidant enzymatic activity and lower TBARS content as compared to control supporting improved postharvest quality. Thus, sodium nitroprusside @200 mg L-1 with sucrose and aluminium sulphate could be used as pulsing solution to improve the postharvest quality of spike.


Floriculture, Physiological weight loss, Protein content, Senescence, Vase life, Water absorption

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