A preliminary study on perioperative hemostatic effect of spray dried powder of Chromolaena odorata leaf extract

Paul, Tania S; Das, Biswadeep B; Gurav, Mangesh P; Talekar, Yogesh P; Apte, Kishori G


Accidents or surgery often cause internal haemorrhage in liver and arteries which may lead to patient morbidity and mortality. The current hemostatic agents used for treatment like collagen, oxidized cellulose, and chitosan suffer from side effects which include infection, inflammation and even sepsis. In the present study, we studied the spray dried powder (SDP) of the aqueous extract of the leaves of Chromolaena odorata (L.) R.M.King & H.Rob., commonly known as Siam weed or Common floss flower and also Christmas bush, for its hemostatic efficacy in two experimental models of surgery. Firstly, the SDP was screened through standard pharmacognostical parameters, and a part of the liver was lacerated in rats and femoral artery was transected in rabbits to assess the blood loss in pre-weighed gauze with and without treatment. In the liver laceration model, an effective blood loss reduction of 54.30 % was observed with oral administration of SDP 7 days prior to surgery. Similarly, application of SDP at the site of artery transection caused 70.36% reduction in blood loss as compared to the control rabbit artery. The results suggest that oral delivery and/or application of SDP of C. odorata by formulating it in a suitable drug delivery tool could minimize perioperative bleeding in hepatic and arterial tissue and improve recovery.


Blood loss; Common floss flower; Christmas bush; Hemostatis, Internal haemorrhage; Liver laceration; Siam weed; Wound healing

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