Higher thermal and ethanol tolerance of a yeast strain isolated from oral cavity

Tahar, Imen Ben; Fickers, Patrick ; Gorka, Anna ; Telek, Samuel ; Liskiewicz, Magorzata Kus


Efficient bioethanol producing microorganisms must be endowed with peculiar physiological and technological traits, such as, higher thermal and ethanol tolerance. This encompasses a strain thermotolerance and an ability to grow at elevated sugar and ethanol concentration or ability to sustain dehydration process such as freeze drying. In this study, we characterized a thermotolerant yeast strain isolated from the human oral cavity regarding the above mentioned parameters. Such an uncommon niche was considered as the great potential reservoir, to isolate strains endowed with metabolic aptitudes requested for ethanol production. In the process, we have defined the YTerm-1strain ability to sustain high sugar and ethanol concentration that are two technological constrains in bioethanol production. Finally, we highlighted that the strain YTerm-1 was able to accumulate, at a high level, trehalose and β-glucan, two compounds conferring the cells an increased resistance to freeze drying process and osmotic stress. Our results suggest that the Yterm-1 strain showed a better growth ability and higher ethanol yield as compared to the industrial strain. Other metabolic traits, such as resistance to dehydration stress, tolerance to ethanol, accumulation of intracellular trehalose or membrane β-glucan confer to that isolate all the characteristics requested in industrial production of ethanol.


beta-Glucan; Biofuel; Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Thermotolerant; Trehalose

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