Ameliorative impacts of floral extract of Salvia species on oxidative stress and inflammation in rats renal ischemia/reperfusion

Ipek, Ertorun ; Gülşen, Ciftci Akalin; Nilgun, Ozturk ; Ilham, Eroz Poyraz; Semih, Oz ; Orhan, Ozatik ; Ozkan, Alatas


I/R injury is a potentially serious problem that is encountered during a variety of medical and surgical procedures, such as thrombolytic therapy, organ transplantation and coronary angioplasty, The basic pathophysiology of I/R injury is microvascular dysfunction which is developed following reperfusion of ischemic tissues. It has clinical importance because of its frequent occurrence and mortality in some surgical conditions such as renal transplantation. Here, we investigated the protective effect of Salvia extracts on kidneys against I/R injury. Forty Spraque Dawley rats were divided into 5 groups. Right nephrectomy was performed to all groups. Gr. I, control; Gr. II, I/R; Gr. III & IV, I/R+50 and I/R+100 mg/kg Salvia floral extract; and Gr. V with I/R+50 mg/kg Rosmarinic acid. Salvia and Rosmarinic acid for 7 days was given single dose as a gavage.60 min ischemia, 60 min reperfusion were applied to groups except control. Intracardiac blood samples were taken, Blood urea nitrogen, creatine, malondialdehyde, myeloperoxidase, nitric oxide and chitotriosidase levels were detected. Mean values were evaluated by statistical analysis. The renal tissues were examined under light microscopy. Based on our biochemical and histological data, Salvia floral extract has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects against renal structure and function.


Antioxidant activity; I/R injury; Kidney; Rosmarinic acid; Sage

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