Synergetic effect of aged garlic extract and methotrexate on rheumatoid arthritis induced by collagen in male albino rats

Badr, Gehan M; Arafa, Nadia S


Aged garlic extract (AGE) exhibit anti-inflammatory effect in many diseases, and methotrexate (MTX) as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatment drug shows adverse hepatotoxicity effect. Therefore, in this study, we evaluated the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of AGE treatment alone or with MTX in collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) rats to diminish the hepatotoxicity. The study used eight groups of rats as one control non treated group and seven treated groups with CIA, AGE (200 mg/kg/PO), MTX (1.5 mg/kg/2 days/subcutaneous), CIA-AGE, CIA-MTX, AGE-MTX and CIA-MTX-AGE. All treatments started from day 21 after the symptoms of arthritis appeared to day 50. The CIA-AGE and CIA-MTX-AGE groups showed significantly decreased serum liver function markers ASAT, ALAT and ALP enzymes activities. In line with the significantly increased antioxidants, total glutathione and SOD and CAT enzymes activities and decreased MDA levels as compared to CIA and CIA-MTX treated groups' values. In addition, the CIA-AGE and CIA-MTX-AGE groups recorded significant decrease in the measured cytokines (CRP and TNF) and interleukins (IL-17, IL-6, and IL-1) values as compared to the corresponding values in CIA and CIA-MTX groups. Results suggested the safety of AGE for achieving a better control in treatment of RA with the conventional drug MTX to diminish its hepatotoxicity.


Allium sativum, Antioxidants, Cytokines, Glutathione, Hepatotoxicity, Interleukins, Malondialdehyde

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