Antiproliferative effects of total alkaloid extract of roots of Chassaliacurviflora (Wall.) Thwaites on cancer cell lines

Gopa, G Rajeswaril; Lakshmi, S ; Nair, A Jayakumaran; Gangaprasad, A ; Sudhakaran, PR ; Muraleedharan, D ; Nair, GM


Chassaliacurviflora is used in folklore medicines for treating several ailments and infections owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. Though the plant has been reported to possess anti-inflammatory antihepatotoxic and analgesic activities, its anticancer potential has not been studied so far. In the present study, we investigated the antiproliferative effects of the total alkaloids isolated from the roots of C. curviflora.The total alkaloid was validated by MTT assay in three cancer cell lines, such as liver cancer cell line-A549, breast cancer cell line-MCF-7 and ovarian cancer cell line -HeLa. Significant antiproliferative effect (IC50 value 3.59±0.14*** µg/mL) was observed in A549 cells, and was taken for further studies. Cell cycle analysis showed that the cells got arrested in sub G0 phase and annexin V-FITC assay revealed that 27.4% cells were in early apoptosis and 7% cells in late apoptosis. The study revealed that the total alkaloids of Chassaliacurvifloraroots possess significant antiproliferative and apoptotic activity


Alkaloids, Anticancer, anti-inflammatory, Apoptosis, chemotherapeutic, curved Flower Chasalis, folklore, immunomodulatory

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