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Started in 1976, this journal publishes papers on both fundamental and applied research in various branches of textile technology and allied areas such as Production and properties of natural and synthetic fibres (including industrial fibres), yarns and fabrics; Physics and chemistry of fibre forming polymers; Chemical and finishing processes; Fibre-reinforced composites; Garment technology; Analysis, testing and quality control; Application of microprocessors; Instrumentation; application of nanotechnology in textiles; and Industrial engineering. Impact Factor of IJFTR is 0.430 (JCR 2016).

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IJFTR has been chosen as study material in one of the reputed organisations in New York

IJFTR has been chosen as study material in one of the reputed organisations in New York  
Posted: 2015-07-24
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Vol 42, No 3 (2017): Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Effect of fibre, yarn and fabric variables on heat and moisture transport properties of plated knit

Jhanji, Y ; Gupta, D ; Kothari, V K 255-263

A novel biodegradable micro-nano tubular knitted structure of PGA braided yarns and PCL nanofibres applicable as esophagus prosthesis

Yekrang, Javad ; Semnani, Dariush ; Seyghalani, Amin Zadbagher; Razavi, Shahnaz 264-270
Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of woven fabrics having metal coated zari wrapped yarns PDF
Veer, Jai ; Kothari, V K 271-277

Improved filtration properties of hydroentangled PTFE/PPS fabric filters caused by fibrillation

Nan, Zhang ; Xiang-yu, Jin ; Chen, Huang ; Qin-fei, Ke 278-285
Development of herbal drug loaded antimicrobial silk suture PDF
Sudha, D ; Dhurai, Bhaarathi ; Ponthangam, T 286-290

Mechanical, thermal and morphological studies of microfibrillated jute/PLA biocomposites

Khan, G M Arifuzzaman; Abdullah-Al-Mamun, M ; Haque, M Ahsanul; Rahman, Md Shafiqur; Shaikh, Hamid ; Anis, Arfat ; Al-Zahrani, Saeed M; Alam, M Shamsul 291-298

Sound absorption properties of polyurethane-based warp-knitted spacer fabric composites

Chen, Si ; Chen, Hong-xia ; Gao, Xiao-ping ; Long, Hai-ru 299-306

Impact and flexural properties of hybrid jute/HTPET fibre reinforced epoxy composites

Ahmadi, M S; Dastan, T 307-311

Preparation of UV-resistant PET fibres by direct melt spinning with on-line addition

Zhaohui, Jiang ; Zengge, Guo ; Zhao, Jia ; Jing, Wang ; Congcong, Pu ; Changfa, Xiao ; Jian, Jin 312-317

Thermal comfort properties of single jersey fabrics made from recycled polyester and cotton blended yarns

Vadicherla, Thilak ; Saravanan, D 318-324

Consumed sewing thread behaviour based on lockstitch and chainstitch

Boubaker, Jaouachi ; Sana, Aouine ; Faouzi, Khedher 325-334

A comparison of filtration performance of triangular and circular cross-section fibre

Zhang, Xiaolin ; Jin, Xiangyu 335-341

Effect of disperse red dye on spectral red-shift of green-emitting luminous fibre

Chen, Zhi ; Li, Jing ; Ge, Mingqiao 342-346

Hydrophilization of poly (lactic acid) fibre and its combination with dyeing and UV protection finishing

Huang, Jian-Yi ; Guan, Jinping ; Tang, Ren-Cheng ; Liu, Kai-Qiang 347-352

Short Communication

Sensory evaluation of different pashmina shawls PDF
Shakyawar, D B ; Kadam, V V ; Kumar, Ajay ; Mathuriya, S R ; Kumar, Pramod 353-358
New theoretical modeling for predicting yarn angle on OE yarn influenced by fibre movement on torus coordinate based on classical mechanics approach PDF
Putra, Valentinus Galih Vidia; Rosyid, M Farchani; Maruto, Guntur 359-363
Anisotropic mechanical behavior of thermally bonded nonwoven fabric PDF
Gao, Xiaoping ; Wu, Wei ; Wang, Liping 364-368

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