A new approach for color matching of fluorescent dyes in binary mixture

Bafrooei, Fatemeh Khakzar; Khalili, Haleh ; Safi, Mahdi


A simple and feasible method for color matching of fluorescent dyes has been developed. Two sets of equations to relate the total radiance factors from an acrylic textile dyed with a fluorescent dye and its concentration are considered for single and mixture shades of fluorescent dyes respectively. Constants for the single and mixture shades are calculated by calibration dyeings. The amounts of dyes are determined by a correction matrix, which can minimize color chromaticity difference values (∂x and ∂y) of target sample for color recipe prediction of fluorescent dyes. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated by the color difference values, the root mean square differences of reflectance curves and the relative error of concentration prediction. This method is found simple, accurate, and suitable for quantitative analysis of samples dyed with two fluorescent dyes.


Acrylic fabric; Cationic dye; Color matching; Correction matrix; Fluorescent dye; Total radiance factor

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