Relationship between morphology and tensile properties of pig hair fibre

Mohan, N H; Nayak, L K; Gokuldas, P P; Debnath, S ; Paul, M ; Ammayappan, L ; Ramamurthy, V V; Sarma, D K


The surface and cross-sectional features of hair fibres from four different breeds of pigs has been evaluated using scanning electron microscopy. The cross-section of the pig hair is modelled into an ellipse and the elliptical features of the fibre are correlated with its tensile properties. Surface scales in pig hair are arranged in imbricate type, crenate pattern and spaced at a mean distance of 4.58±0.24μm. Overall mean eccentricity, flattening, focus, area and angular eccentricity of pig hair fibre is found to be 0.60±0.09, 0.25±0.07, 195.16±33.68μm, and 0.06±0.01mm2 and 38.24±6.61 ° respectively. The ellipticity parameters are positively correlated with tensile properties (tenacity, extensibility, initial modulus and work of rupture) of the fibre. The specific flexural rigidity is negatively correlated with the ellipticity of the fibre, suggesting that the elliptical fibres may be more flexible than the fibres with circular cross-section.


Fibre ellipticity; Fibre cross-section; Pig hair; Tensile property

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