Dimensional behavior of interlock knitted cotton fabrics

Roy, K ; Varshney, R ; Kothari, V K


The linear parameters kc, kw and ks have been established for bleached interlock fabrics after subjecting the fabrics into reference state, and the width and length shrinkages are measured. Empirical models for wpcm and cpcm are generated applying general linear model technique and using all the independent variables of the experimental plan, viz. linear density of yarn, twist factor of yarn and stitch length of fabrics along with their two level interactions. The stitch density and aerial density (fabric weight per unit area) are estimated using the predicted values of wpcm and cpcm. Fabric shrinkages both width-wise as well as length-wise are modeled and the resulting models are validated establishing its satisfactory degree of fit. The values of kc, kw and kr are found to be 5.64, 4.0 and 1.41 respectively. Stitch length is found to be the prime factor influencing the wpcm, cpcm and aerial density. The models established can be effectively utilized to adopt the corrective measures in the event of any abnormal shrinkages, both width-wise and length-wise.


Cotton;Dimensional behaviour;Interlock fabric;Knitted fabric;Reference state;Shrinkage;Stitch length;Tightness factor;Yarn linear density

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