A modeling study on lateral compressive behavior of structured needle - punched nonwovens

Alirezazadeh, Azam ; Zarrebini, Mohammad ; Ghane, Mohammad


The aim of this work is to study the compression behavior of cord-structured needled fabrics. In order to achieve the objectives of this research, melt-spun polypropylene fibres of various linear densities have been produced by varying the spinning pump speed. The effect of linear density of melt-spun polypropylene fibres on compressive behavior of the fabrics has been investigated. A Zwick tester set in compressive mode is used to obtain variation of compressive force versus compression thickness. Van Wyk law is adapted to model the lateral compressive behavior of cord-structured needled fabrics. The experimental results are compared with the theoretical curves calculated using Van Wyk law. Results show that the increase in linear density of fibres tends to reduce the compressive force required to compress the samples to a pre-defined thickness. An acceptable conformity between Van Wyk’s equation and compressive behavior of cord-structured needled fabrics is also observed.


Compressive force; Cord-structured nonwovens; Fibre linear density; Lateral compression; Polypropylene fibres; Van Wyk’s equation

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