Evaluation of liquid moisture transport in textile structures

Glombikova, Viera ; Nemcokova, Renata ; Komarkova, Petra ; Kus, Zdenek


The present study is focused on the investigation of liquid moisture transport in textile materials by means of thermography and microtomography systems. The new vertical wicking method which combines the thermography system and the image analysis system is presented in this study. Further, porosity analysis of knitted fabrics by microcomputed tomography system is carried out to support understanding of liquid moisture transport phenomena. Textile structures used for functional underwear for sports and for special non-flammable hi-tech underwear have been selected to tested group. Results indicate that the distribution of pore thickness can be useful to uncover complex behaviour of textile structures during moisture transport into their structure.


Cotton; Functional underwear; Knitted fabrics; Lyocell; Microtomography; Polyester; Polypropylene; Thermography; Wickability; Wool

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