Use of fermented dough extract in the dyeing of wool fabrics

Onal, Adem ; Yilmaz, Mustafa ; Eser, Ferda


In this study, shells of onion (Allium cepa L.) have been used for the dyeing of the wool fabrics. Fermented dough extract (FDE) has been chosen as a natural mordant compound and the effect of pre-treatment with the FDE is examined in terms of color strength and fastness values. Dyeing experiments are carried out at pH 4 and pH 7 using three mordanting techniques. The chromaticity co-ordinates are measured in CIELab system. The results of untreated samples are compared with the dyed samples pre-treated with FDE in terms of color strength and fastness properties. It is observed that the pre-treatment with FDE enhances not only the color strength of the dyed fabrics but also their brightness.


Allium cepa, Dyeing, Fermented dough extract, Wool

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