Use of MS paint for ‘weave and colour pattern’ designing

Panneerselvan, R G


The possibility of using MS paint, the drawing accessory of MS window, as a simple ‘weave and colour pattern’ designing software to prepare simulations of shot, stripe, cross over and check fabrics with required weave and colour pattern has been explored in the study. Usefulness of different menu and tools of MS paint has been observed with another perspective. The steps involved in preparing different styles of warp and weft colour patterns in required number of ends and picks per repeat respectively has been studied. Preparation of simple weaves, viz. plain, twill, sateen and its derivatives has also been done. The procedures involved in overlapping/merging the required colour pattern with desired weave have been recorded systematically. It is observed that without making any additional programming, the existing menu and tools of MS paint are directly useful to design a repeat of any weave with any colour pattern and then repeat it into required number of times to get the colour simulation of desired fabric. It is noted that MS paint could be used as simple designing software by the beginners in textile designing who intend to design ‘weave and colour pattern’ for the decentralized handloom and powerloom textile units at any place using any computer operated by MS window.


Back ground colour;Check fabric;Colour pattern;Cross over fabric;Fore ground colour;Stripe

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