Cyclic bursting loading on needle-punched nonwovens: Part I – Distention behavior

Kumar, Bipin ; Das, Apurba ; Sharma, Atul ; Krishnasamy, Jagatheesan ; Alagirusamy, R


The present study aims at examining different needle-punched polypropylene nonwovens under different cyclic bursting pressure. Various fabric parameters including mass density, punch density and fibre fineness have been investigated. For the cyclic test, the distension is measured at different cyclic bursting pressures proportionate to the bursting strength of the fabric. Other parameters including the cyclic pressure magnitude, the number of cycles, and the rest time at peak pressure have also been investigated. It has been found that the bursting strength and distension of fabric increase with an increase in mass density, while they show opposite trend with punch density and fibre denier (p < 0.01). The distension value of each sample increases with an increase in the cyclic parameters i.e. number of loading cycle, rest time and pressure peak.


Areal density; Bursting strength; Cyclic loading; Needle-punched nonwoven; Polypropylene; Punch density

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