Comfort properties of double face knitted fabrics for tennis sportswear

Suganthi, T ; Senthilkumar, P


The comfort properties of different bi-layer knitted structures made from tencel yarn as an outer layer and acrylic/micro-fibre polyester yarn as an inner layer have been studied. Six union fabrics have been produced and then analyzed objectively and subjectively for their comfort properties. The air permeability, water vapour permeability, wicking ability and drying rate are found to be higher and thermal resistance is found to be lower for bi-layer knitted fabric made out of micro-fibre polyester (inner layer) with less tuck points as compared to all other fabrics. The same structure shows good ranking on subjective rating of thermal environment scale. The results are discussed with 95% significant level with ANOVA analysis and Friedman one-way analysis of variance.


Acrylic/micro-fibre polyester; Double-face fabric; Plated fabric; Sportswear; Subjective assessment; Tencel yarn; Thermal comfort

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