Ultraviolet protection and antibacterial properties of silk fabric dyed with Cinnamomum camphora plant leaf extract

Jiang, Huiyu ; Khan, Asfandyar ; Yao, Jinbo ; Hussain, Muhammad Tahir


In this study, natural dyes have been extracted from camphor plant (Cinnamomum camphora) dry leaves in alkaline medium and are then applied on to silk fabric by exhaust dyeing process. The UV protection, antimicrobial property, color strength values and colorfastness of the silk dyed with plant extract are studied. The results show that the fabric samples treated with extract have excellent UV protection properties and are very effective in blocking UVA and UVB radiations. The fabric dyed with natural extract shows antimicrobial properties, which is proved by bacterial reduction in quantitative tests. The color fastness to washing and rubbing is found very good to excellent and color fastness to light is poor. Silk fabric dyed for less time shows golden color, while the increased dyeing time shows reddish-brown color. The UV protection and antimicrobial performance of camphor plant leaf extract are found excellent.


Antibacterial property;Cinnamomum camphora;Silk fabric;Ultraviolet protection

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