Antibacterial and self-cleaning properties of cotton fabric treated with TiO2/Pt

Derakhshan, Seyed Javad ; Karimi, Loghman ; Zohoori, Salar ; Davodiroknabadi, Abolfazl ; Lessani, Lida


This study explores a new nanocomposite to produce a cotton fabric with superior self-cleaning and antibacterialproperties. The platinum loaded nano titanium dioxide (nanocomposite) has been synthesized through wet impregnationusing Pt precursor. The nanocomposite has been applied on cotton fabric and the fabric characteristics such as self-cleaningperformance, antibacterial and UV blocking activities are examined. Field emission scanning electron microscopy, energydispersiveX-ray spectroscopy and X-ray mapping are utilized to characterize the surface morphology and elementalanalysis of the treated cotton fabrics. The chemical composition of the nanocomposite has been investigated using X-rayphotoelectron spectroscopy and crystallinity of coatings by X-ray diffraction spectroscopy. Whiteness index, tensilestrength, flexibility and wettability of treated fabrics are also assessed. Results show that the photocatalytic self-cleaningperformance of the cotton treated with TiO2/Pt nanocomposite is superior to the cotton treated with nano-titanium dioxidealone. Also, adding platinum to nano-TiO2 shows the most promising antibacterial activities against both Staphylococcusaureus and Escherichia coli bacteria.


Antibacterial property;Cotton fabric;Self-cleaning property;TiO2/Pt nanocomposite;UV blocking

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