Compression characteristics of spunlace nonwoven fabric

Jain, R K; Sinha, S K; Das, Apurba


The effect of fibre type, mass per unit area and number of cycles on compressional and recovery behaviour of spunlacenonwoven fabric has been studied in terms of compressional and recovery parameters as well as in terms of thickness lossand energy loss. The findings show that the spunlace nonwoven fabrics exhibit good compressional and recovery behaviour.The thickness loss and energy loss values reveal that the polyester viscose blended spunlace nonwoven shows bettercompressional and recovery behaviour. It is also found that there is rapid decrease in compressibility during initial cyclesand after that it becomes stable on cyclic loading.


Compression behaviour;Nonwoven;Polyester;Recovery behaviour;Resilience;Spunlace fabric;Viscose

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