Development and characterisation of biodegradable film from natural polymers

Ganesan, P ; Kanmani, P


This study is focused on the preparation of silk fibroin based bio degradable films with the combination of variousconcentrations of chitosan (1:1 and 2:1), which is used as a drug releasing model. Scanning electronic microscope has beenused to observe the morphology of prepared films and the chemical compounds are studied by Fourier transform infrared.Required properties for successful wound dressing such as water uptake %, thickness, folding endurance and waterabsorption capacity are examined. Also, the mechanical strength (tensile strength and elasticity), liquid culture test,% degradation, folding endurance and water uptakes of the films are analysed gravimetrically. Antimicrobial activity againstEscherichia coli is evaluated quantitatively using Agar diffusion test (AATCC 100) and liquid culture test (BS EN ISO-14119, 2003). The obtained films are found homogenous without phase separation. The traces of both silk fibroin andchitosan are found evenly distributed in the film. Blend proportion of 2:1 shows rougher surface, and better results in term ofantibacterial property are obtained against Gram negative bacteria Escherichia coli .


Antimicrobial activity;Bio degradable film;Bio protein polymer;Chitosan;Fibroin;Silk;Wound healing

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