Modelling and experimental investigation of mechanical performances of braided polyamide sutures

Debbabi, Faten ; Abdessalem, Saber Ben


This work aims at predicting the braiding parameters which can lead to sutures having optimal mechanical performances for specific surgical intervention. The braiding parameters include yarn count and machine settings. Effects of yarns characteristics and machine parameters on a polyamide braid mechanical properties have also been studied. Yarn count and sheet yarn number are proven to be the most significant factors. Predictive models of the suture mechanical responses based on yarn characteristics and machine parameters have been developed and it shows very significant level. Using simultaneous contours plots, manufacturing conditions permitting to obtain optimal mechanical properties meeting the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia for the diameter and tensile strength are determined for sutures having USP number from 3-0 to 2.


Linear regression;Mechanical properties;Polyamide braided suture;Prediction model

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