Effect of wrapper filament characteristics and wrap density on physical properties of wrap-spun jute and jute-viscose blended yarns

Chaudhuri, Atin


The tensile and other physical properties of jute and jute-viscose blended wrap-spun yarns have been studied. The investigation also includes study on the effect of wrap density and mono and multi wrapper filaments on the rupturing process and physical properties of jute and jute-viscose (70:30) blended yarns. Rupturing process shows the stick-slip oscillations occurred at lower wrap density and gradually reduces the frequency of oscillation with increase in wrap density without any catastrophe. Both jute and jute-viscose wrapped yarn with HDPE monofilament wrapper shows less frequency of stick-slip oscillations and higher tenacity as compared to the both types of wrapped yarns with PP multifilament wrapper. The tenacity of wrap-spun yarns is increased with the increase in wrap density for both type of yarns with all wrapper filaments. Short-term mass irregularity, irregularity index and imperfections are reduced and YQI is improved in case of blended yarns with both the wrapper filaments as compared to jute wrapped yarns.


Blended yarn; Catastrophic rupture; Hairiness index; Mass irregularity; Monofilament wrapper; Multifilament wrapper; Stick-slip oscillations; Tenacity; Wrap density; Wrapped yarn; Yarn imperfections; Yarn quality index

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