Modal wet processing – A novel approach

Jadhav, Abhishek C; Pingale, Navnath ; Shukla, Sanjeev R


In this study, various pretreatment parameters have been optimized for greige woven modal fabric in an industrial set-up of semi-continuous and continuous pretreatment range in order to overcome its processing issues without altering the inherent fabric softness. Various recipes of pad-batch desizing, pad-steam bleaching and cold causticization have been attempted and the results are compared with exhaust pretreatment. The pretreated fabric is then subjected to dyeing with. a reactive dye. The performance of the processed fabric has been evaluated in terms of water absorbency, tensile strength, CIE whiteness index, and tegewa rating. Wash and crock fastness of the subsequently dyed fabric are also evaluated. The XRD spectrum indicates marginal increase in the crystallinity of modal fabric post causticization. The results are found encouraging in terms of good and uniform depth of colour with very little deterioration in the desired fabric properties.


Absorbency; Cold causticization; Continuous pretreatment; Modal fabric; Reactive dyeing

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