Effect of TiO2 nanoparticle on light fastness and degradation of dyedfabric with direct dye

Ghafarzadeh, Reza ; Shams-Nateri, Ali ; Shojaie, Abdollah Fallah


The photocatalytic degradation of various dye solutions has been studied using nanoTiO2 (NTO) as a catalyst. The effect ofNTO on the light fastness of dyed cotton fabric has been studied using two different dyes, namely Direct Blue 71 and Direct Red 31with high and low light fastness respectively. After dyeing, the fabric is coated with NTO using a dip-pad–dry-cure process. Thecoated fabrics are then exposed to UV light for different periods of time. The results indicate that the coated cotton fabrics show asignificant photo-oxidative activity under UV light. The color change of cotton fabric dyed with Direct Blue 71 with high lightfastness is found less than that of the sample dyed with Direct red 31 with low light fastness.


Cotton fabric;Direct dye;Light fastness;Nano TiO2 Photo-oxidation activity

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