Chemical auxiliaries free dyeing of cationized cotton with 1:2 metal complex dye

Hamdaoui, Mohamed ; Romdhani, Zouhaier ; Djebbi, Ilhem ; Harzallah, Omar ; Harzallah, Jamel


Application of 1:2 metal complex dyes on pre-cationized cotton has been studied. This unconventional process avoidsthe use of electrolyte required as exhausting agent in conventional dyeing of cotton fabric. Indeed, when we use a largeamount of salt, the discharged wastewater from dye house creates unavoidable environmental threats. The dyeing has beencarried out at the liquor ratio of 1:40 in a sealed stainless steel dyebath housed on the Ahiba Nuance speed varyingtemperature, contact time and sulphate concentration. Optimal conditions are determined using the experimental designsmethod. The results show the possibility of chemical auxiliaries free dyeing of cotton fabrics with 1:2 metal complex dye at75°C for 15 min by treating them with cationizer prior to dyeing. Adsorption kinetic and isotherm are also studied and theparallel exponential model is shown to fit experimental data with higher average regression coefficients.


Cationized cotton;Dyeing;Experimental designs method;Metal complex dye;PEK model

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