Performance of chitosan: jasmine oil microcapsule on jute fabric

Pan, N C; Ammayappan, L ; Khan, A ; Chakraborty, S


Chitosan: jasmine oil based microcapsule has been prepared bycoacervation method and then applied on bleached jute fabric bypad-dry-cure method. The performance of fragrance finishedjute fabrics has been assessed by physical properties, subjectiveassessment, scanning electron microscope, percentage moistureregain (%), fourier transform infrared spectrum, durability againsthome laundering and handle property. Morphological studiesconfirm that the chitosan: jasmine oil microcapsule of 100 microndimension has formed. Performance properties show that thechitosan: jasmine oil microcapsule can be fixed on the surface ofjute fabric and the fragrance is sustained up to five homelaundering.


Chitosan;Jasmine oil;Jute;Microcapsule

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