Development of sportswear with enhanced moisture management properties using cotton and regenerated cellulosic fibres

Bait, Smita Honade; Shrivastava, Neeraj ; Behera, Jagadananda ; Ramakrishnan, Vijay ; Dayal, Amit ; Jadhav, Ganesh


The effect of fibre composition on moisture management properties and peak heat flux (qmax) values of one commercialsport garment and six knitted fabrics (sportswear), composed of 100% polyester, 100% cotton, 100% modal, and blend ofpolyester with cotton and modal, have been investigated. The moisture management properties are assessed by using themoisture management tester, and the feeling of coldness or warmth is assessed by measuring qmax value on KES-F7 Thermolabo II. Blending polyester fibre with cotton and modal has improved moisture management properties of the fabrics incomparison to 100% polyester fabric. qmax study also indicates that polyester/cotton and polyester/modal blend fabrics arecooler as compared to 100 % polyester fabric.


Cotton;Modal;Moisture management testing;Peak heat flux;Polyester;Sportswear;Warm-cool feeling

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