Effects of treatments on the properties of polyester based hemp composite

Gupta, Manoj K; Gond, R K; Bharti, Ajaya


The aim of present study is to enhance the properties of polyester based hemp composites by using different treatments.The effect of different treatments, such as alkali and benzoylation (chemical treatments), and sodium bicarbonate(ecofriendly treatment), on water absorption, and mechanical & dynamic mechanical properties of hemp/polyestercomposites has been studied. The composites are prepared by hand lay-up technique using constant (15 wt. %) fibrescontent. Water absorption properties are investigated in terms of maximum water uptake, and sorption, diffusion &permeability coefficients. Dynamic mechanical properties, such as storage modulus E', glass transition temperature  g T & damping Tan  , and mechanical properties such as tensile strength & modulus, flexural strength & modulus,and impact strength are also investigated. The results suggest a significant effect of chemical treatment in terms of increasein mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties, and decrease in water absorption properties. The benzoylation treatmentshows the better impact among all three chemical treatments.


Dynamic mechanical properties;Hemp/polyester composite;Mechanical properties;Polyester;Water absorptionproperties

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