Influence of weave structure on low-stress mechanical properties and total hand values of cotton fabric

Kar, Tapas Ranjan; Pandharpure, Arvind


Attempts have been made to produce other derivatives of cotton muslin fabric by altering its weave structure fromplain to twill and sateen with higher pick insertions to make it dimensionally stable for its potential use in readymadegarments, besides saris and ladies dress materials. Low-stress mechanical properties and total hand values of thesefabrics are evaluated to understand their suitability for use in readymade garments. It is observed that sateen showshigher drape, higher compression resilience, lowest shear rigidity, moderate bending rigidity, and lowest surfacesmoothness & frictional values, finally showing best total hand values and higher gloss than the other twowoven structures.


Cotton;Gloss value;Low-stress mechanical properties;Muslin;Sateen;Total hand values;Twill

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