Colorimetric study of absorption behavior of madder natural dye on nylon using scanner

Nateri, Ali Shams ; Hajipour, Abbas ; Dehnavi, Ehsan


A scanner has been used as a low-cost instrument for measuring the colorimetric parameters of dyed nylon. The nylonfabric is dyed with madder natural dye using non-mordanting, pre-mordanting, and meta-mordanting. Then, the dyedsamples are scanned by a scanner and the RGB values of obtained image are converted to CIELab and HSL color spaces. Itis found that the scanner is able to evaluate the colorimetric characteristics of dyed samples. The obtained results are foundcomparable to the spectrophotometer results.


Absorption behavior;Colorimetric study;Dyeing, Madder;Natural dye;Nylon

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