Sorption studies of few selected raw and nanoclay infused lignocellulosic fibres

Mohan, T P ; Kanny, K


Effect of lumen morphologies of selected raw untreated and nanoclay infused lignocellulosic fibres on the sorptioncharacteristics have been studied. Sisal, kenaf, banana and coir fibres have been selected, and the sorption characteristics,such as adsorption, desorption and absorption properties are evaluated. Nanoclay particles are effectively impregnated intothe fibres, and the particles serve as a barrier medium by modifying the fibre-gas/liquid interface. The result indicates thatthe nanoclay treated fibres result in reduced moisture adsorption with increased fibre surface area. The adsorptiondesorptioncharacteristics of untreated and nanoclay treated fibres show sigmoidal isotherm sorption behavior, and thesorption hysteresis depends on crystallinity and nanoclay infusion. It is observed that the absorption characteristics ofuntreated and nanoclay treated fibres depend upon the nanoclay treatment and lumen phase morphology.


Absorption;Adsorption;Coir fibre;Desorption;Lignocellulosic Fibres;Nanoclay

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