Comparative assessment of Eli-Twist and Siro yarn made from polyester and its blend with cotton

Regar, Madan Lal; Sinha, S K; Chattopadhyay, R


An attempt has been made to compare the properties of Eli-Twist yarn with Siro yarn. Three yarns with three selectivecompositions using cotton and polyester are produced on both Eli-Twist and Siro spinning systems. Yarns of three counts(39.4, 29.5 and 23.6 tex) from each composition have been produced maintaining 4.2 TM for all. Unevenness, hairiness, tensilestrength, breaking extension, diameter, abrasion resistance and coefficient of friction of yarns are measured and then compared.Eli-Twist yarns are found more uniform with less protruding fibres on the surface. It also produces stronger and more extensibleyarn. Higher abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction may widen the application field of Eli-Twist yarn.


Abrasion resistance;Breaking extension;Coefficient of friction;Cotton;Eli-Twist yarn;Polyester;Siro yarn;Tenacity;Yarn hairiness;Yarn imperfections

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