Effect of UV degradation and dynamic loading on durability of acrylic carpets using multiple regression method

Moezzi, Meysam ; Khavari, Soheyla ; Ghane, Mohammad


The effect of dynamic fatigue loading on the carpet samples subjected to long-time UV radiation exposure has beenstudied. The carpet samples are first subjected to different UV exposure time and then dynamic loading is imposed to thesamples. In each case, the thickness loss of the carpets is measured. The results show that the UV exposure time has a slighteffect on the thickness loss of the carpets. The number of dynamic impacts, on the other hand, shows a significant effect onthe thickness loss with an exponential correlation. Using best curve fitting method based on least square method,a predicting equation is derived for the multiple effect of UV exposure time and number of dynamic loading on the thicknessloss. The experimental verification reveals that the proposed predicting equation can be used with an acceptable accuracy.


Acrylic cut-pile carpet;Compression behavior;Dynamic fatigue loading;Thickness loss;UV degradation

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