Mechanical properties of copper/cotton core-spun yarns produced by siro and ring spinning methods

Mofarah, Hamed Mohammadi; Najar, Saeed Shaikhzadeh; Etrati, Seyed Mohammad


Copper/cotton core-spun yarns have been produced using siro and conventional ring methods, and their mechanicalproperties and cover factor are analyzed. The results indicate that the cover factor and tensile properties of copper/cottoncore-spun yarns decrease with an increase in copper core diameter. Nevertheless, the siro copper/cotton core-spun yarnsexhibit higher tensile properties as compared to conventional ring copper/cotton core-spun yarns.


Bending rigidity;Copper/cotton core-spun yarn;Copper filament;Cover factor;Electromagnetic shieldingeffectiveness;Siro spinning;Ring spinning;Tensile properties

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