Application of RSM to optimise single locking cotton feeder for enhancing ginning efficiency of double roller gin

Arude, Vishnu Govind; Deshmukh, S P; Patil, P G; Shukla, S K


Spike cylinder single locking cotton feeder has been developed and optimized to enhance the ginning efficiency of doubleroller (DR) gin. The feeder is developed with an aim to unlock the cotton bolls and maintain constant feeding rate of individuallocules at the ginning point of DR gin. Spike cylinder speed and cotton moisture content are optimized by using responsesurface methodology. Ginning efficiency of DR gin is improved with the use of developed feeder. Quadratic models forprediction of ginning output and specific energy and linear model for prediction of reduction in bulk density are generated byusing response surface methodology following central composite design that show excellent agreement with the experimentalvalues. Multiple response analysis shows the optimum level of moisture content (7.49%) and spike cylinder speed (317 rpm)with desirability of 0.904695 by maximizing the output and minimizing the specific energy. The ginning output, cleaningefficiency and reduction in bulk density are increased by 23.25%, 16% and 30.5% respectively, whereas the specific energy isdecreased by 12% without any adverse effect on fibre quality. Colour grade of the cotton improves from middling to strictmiddling. Thus, the developed feeder would be highly useful for cotton ginneries.


Cotton;Central composite design;Double roller ginning;Response surface methodology;Single locking feeder

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