Modelling and simulation of 3D orthogonal and interlock fabrics for structural composite applications

Dash, Ashwini Kumar; Behera, Bijoya Kumar


Modelling and simulation of 3D orthogonal and interlock fabrics have been studied for tensile applications. Thisinvolves building a geometrical model by calculating the proper dimensions of the tows, conversion of the geometricalmodel into finite element mesh, and subsequently, prediction of tensile properties in the direction of load bearing tows bysimulation using meso-finite element modelling. For the simulation, elliptical tow cross-section with aspect ratio 11 hasbeen preferred as the best geometrical modelling parameter. Model results obtained from finite element analysis are thencompared with experimental values to authenticate the modelling methodologies. The simulated results of maximum stressat break are found to be higher than the experimental results for both the corresponding orthogonal and interlock structures.


Composite;3-Dimensional reinforcement;3D orthogonal fabric;Finite element method;Interlock fabric;Modelling;Stress-strain analysis

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