Elastic recovery properties of polyester-cotton blended Eli-Twist yarns

Choubisa, Bhavna ; Sinha, S K; Regar, Madan Lal


The influence of blend ratio, as well as amplitude and rate of extension on recovery properties of polyester-cottonblended Eli-Twist yarns have been studied. The composition of the yarn and the testing parameters are found to playimportant role in deciding the recovery characteristics of the yarn. A higher rate of extension is found to result in moreimmediate recovery, while a low rate of extension results in higher permanent deformation and low immediate recovery. Onthe contrary, the increase in amplitude of extension results in low immediate recovery and higher permanent deformation.Increase in the percentage of polyester assists higher recovery and low permanent deformation.


Delayed elastic recovery;Eli-Twist yarn;Immediate elastic recovery;Polyester-cotton yarn;Yarn permanentdeformation

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