Effect of stacking sequence of bi-directionaljute/flax fibre on tensile strength, water absorption and tribological behavior of epoxybased hybrid composites

Kumar, Nitish ; Avinash, Petta ; Singh, Abhishek


Effect of different stacking sequence of jute and flax fabrics onthe tensile, water absorption and wear properties of hybridcomposite laminate has been studied. The composites have beenmanufactured by hand lay-up technique. The stacking sequenceconfigurations are set as JJJJJ (jute-jute-jute-jute-jute), JFJFJ(jute-flax-jute-flax-jute), JFFFJ (jute-flax-flax-flax-jute), FJJJF(flax-jute-jute-jute-flax) and FJFJF (flax-jute-flax-jute-flax). It isfound that the specimen with FJFJF sequence has highest tensilestrength (149.12 MPa), less water absorption and better wearresistance than that of the other sequences.


Flax fibre;Hybrid composites;Jute fibre;Stackingsequence;Tensile strength;Tribological property;Water absorption

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