Crystallite shape, dielectric constant and functional data analysis of various cotton fibres using WAXS data

Manju, V V ; Divakara, S ; Karthik, Divakaran ; Somashekar, R


Four different varieties of cotton fibres have been used for X-ray diffraction study using in-house programs. X-ray datahave been corrected for instrumental broadening and Lorentz polarization factors before using them for further analysis.Using Peakfit® program, 13-15 Bragg reflections are identified and cell parameters are determined by CHECKCELL®. Fullwidth at half maxima (FWHM) of these reflections are used to estimate the crystallite size and strain along [hkl] directions.Using these results and employing a novel method, a 3-dimensional image of the crystallite shapes in these cotton fibres arecomputed. Employing Lorenz-Mie theory of scattering of electromagnetic radiation by molecules embedded in dielectricspheres, the dielectric constant of cellulose along amorphous region has been computed. This technique can be extended toany material of interest. Correlation among varieties of fibres and each physical parameter like crystallite size, strain,tenacity and staple length have been investigated using functional analysis, which shows the correlation between physicalparameters with varieties of cotton fibres.


Cotton;Crystallite shape;Dielectric constant;Functional data analysis;Natural fibres;X-ray diffraction

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