Enhancing electro conductivity, antibacterial and UV blocking of cotton fabric by using graphene/zirconium dioxide nano composite

Mohamadiyan, Mahsa ; Zohoori, Salar ; Davodiroknabadi, Abolfazl


Nano composite of graphene/zirconium dioxide has been produced and then coated on the surface of cotton fabric. Scanning electron microscope and transmittance electron microscope of sample prove the existence of nano zirconium dioxide distribution on the surface of cotton fabric. Results show that the electrical conductivity of treated sample has increased in comparison with sample without graphene/zirconium dioxide. It is also observed that the use of graphene/zirconium dioxide composite increases UV blocking of fabric. Furthermore, the nanocomposites are found to have antibacterial property against both Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria according to AATCC test method.


Antibacterial;Electro conductivity;Graphene;Nano zirconium dioxide;UV-blocking

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