Synthesis and study of electrical properties of polyaniline and polyester nanocomposite

Chauhan, Vinay Kumar; Singh, Bharti ; Singh, Jitendra Pratap


In this study, pure polyaniline (PANI) and PANI/polyester nanocomposites (wt % 10, 20 and 30) of thickness 10 mm have been synthesized by co-precipitation method to investigate their electrical properties. Pure PANI and its composites are then characterized using SEM, FTIR, DSC, I-V Hall and dielectric techniques. From SEM, it is observed that the particles are spherical and lying in range of micron order. To find out the nature of chemical bonds, FTIR analysis and thermal characterization (DSC) are performed. From the I-V curve, the calculated values of conductance of prepared pure PANI and PANI/PET (wt % 10, 20 and 30 nanocomposite) are obtained as 3.78×10-7, 9.7933×10-7, 9.584×10-8 and 9.882×10-9 ohm-1 respectively. From Hall measurement, electrical conductivity of pure PANI and PANI/PET (wt % 10, 20 and 30) nanocomposite is found 49.26 ×10-6, 13.82 ×10-6, 40.6 ×10-7 and 18.761 ×10-7 Ω-1cm-1 respectively. Dielectric study of PANI/PET reveals downturn in the dielectric constant value with increased frequency. The electrical resistivity of the PANI/PET nanocomposite shows high anti-static efficiency.


Dielectric constant, Electrical properties, Nanocomposite, PANI/PET composite, Polyester

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