Contribution of bending and shear behavior of woven fabrics in the characterization of drape

Sadoughi, Mahlagha ; Boushehri, Arash Nazem; Ezazshahabi, Nazanin


The drape, bending and shear properties of a group of woven fabrics have been studied along with the effects of fabric structural parameters on these properties. In addition, the influential effect and relative contribution of bending and shear behavior in the determination of drape is also evaluated. The results show that the crossing over firmness factor, which is related to the weave structure and also the weft density, significantly influences the drape, bending and shear behavior of fabrics. With the aid of linear regression analysis of the relationship among drape coefficients, bending and shear modulus, the correlational model for prediction of drape based on bending and shear has also been developed. With regards to this model, it can be claimed that the relative contribution of fabric bending in determination of drape is greater than that of shear.


Bending; Cotton, Drape; Polyester; Shear; Weave structure; Weft density; Woven fabric

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