Factor affecting absorbency behaviour of woven velour printed terry fabrics

Singh, J P; Ram, Sanjeev Kumar


The present research work is aimed at designing the woven velour printed terry fabrics with improved overall performance. The influence of pile height, pick density and pile count (one ply and two ply both) on the water absorbency of fabric has been studied. Thirty samples have been prepared by changing variables as per Box – Behnken design of experiments. These variables are optimised for achieving high quality woven velour printed terry fabrics. The findings show that the absorbency of these fabrics increases with the increase in pile height and pick density. The results are found true for both the fabrics having one ply and two ply pile yarns. The absorbency of the fabrics having two ply pile yarn is always higher as compared to fabric having one ply pile yarn. The absorbency behaviour of these fabrics is different from the looped woven terry fabric which clearly indicates the importance of loop geometry.


Absorbency;Pile height;Pick density;Printing;Velour fabric;Woven fabric

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