Bursting behavior of polyester needle-punched filter fabrics

Chauhan, Vinay Kumar; Singh, Jitendra Pratap; Debnath, Sanjoy


The effect of fabric weight, depth of needle penetration and needling density on bursting strength of needle-punched nonwoven filter fabrics prepared from virgin and recycled polyester fibres has been studied. The effect of fabric parameters on bursting behavior trend is found similar in both the virgin and the recycled polyester filter fabric samples. There is considerable fall in bursting strength of recycled polyester fabrics as compared to that in virgin one, under high fabric weight and needling density. Interestingly, it has been found that the recycled polyester filter fabric shows 3.584% lesser strength (average value of all samples) than the virgin polyester filter fabric, which signifies the use of recycled polyester filter wherever applicable, considering the recyclability and sustainability aspects.


Bursting strength;Filter fabric;Needle-punched nonwoven;Recycled polyester;Virgin polyester

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