Dyeing of cotton with vat dyes using alkaline catalase alongwith iron(II) salt

Mudnoor C, Veeresh ; Chakraborty, J N


In this study, attempts have been made to replace sodium hydrosulphite with alkaline catalase in combination with iron(II) salt for dyeing cotton with vat dyes. The results show that alkaline catalase with iron (II) salt is quiet effective andcapable of substituting sodium hydrosulphite with comparable dye strength and colour fastness. While reduction potentialvalues of dyebaths are found to be almost same in both hydrosulphite and alkaline catalase along with iron(II) salt systems,the stability of the baths in absence and presence of dye is found superior in the new reduction system as compared to thosein hydrosulphite system. Dye strength results show mixed findings, i.e. for some dyes, dye strength is higher in newreduction system, while for rest of the dyes, it is higher in hydrosulphite system.


Alkaline catalase;Cotton;Dye strength;Hydrosulphite;Iron (II) salt;Vat dye

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